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"I Am Autistic: TV Pilot Showcases ASD Families" (Autism After 16)
hour-long pilot covers research, legal concerns, celebrity interviews, and more

 "International Aspirations" (South Florida Parenting)
There is a world of possibilities — and challenges — in adopting a child of a different culture

"The need for greed?" (South Florida Parenting)
From peer pressure to marketing ploys, new moms face endless temptations to buy for baby

"What's up, Doc?" (South Florida Parenting)
Your pediatrician can help you broach tough topics with your kids — if you ask

"Woofing it up" (South Florida Parenting)
Web sites let kids feed, fish and fight evil with virtual pets

"Grieving Together" (South Florida Parenting)
How to help children cope with the loss of a loved one

"Family man" (Boston Herald Your S.T.U.F.F.)
Hub teen strives to take on challenges of fatherhood

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