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Celebrity/quirky profiles

"Rainmaker: Manny Gaunaurd" (Miami Herald's Indulge magazine)
The CEO of IMUSA on his first job, favorite cause, and the close encounter he will never forget

"Busy Bee" (Palm Beach Illustrated magazine)
See what the creator of Burt's Bees is cooking up next

"Like a Rolling Stone" (Palm Beach Illustrated magazine)
Jade Jagger becomes a rock star in her own right as creative director for British jeweler Garrard

"Almost famous" (Boston Herald Your S.T.U.F.F.)
Weymouth teen hits big screen in Mystic River

"Brit wit" (Boston Herald lifestyle section)
Hub street artist Gazzo gives passers-by a dose of acerbic humor

"Mini to the max" (Boston Herald lifestyle section)
Small-car collector finds little goes a long way

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