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2003 Journalism Fellowship in Child and Family Policy
Funded by the Foundation for Child Development and based at the University of Maryland, this distinction afforded me the chance to pursue a short-term project and to convene with two dozen other esteemed youth and family journalists in Sept. 2003 in Washington, D.C., for a week-long conference on family health and welfare, juvenile justice, education and public policy. The speakers and journalists at the conference not only raised my awareness about underreported issues and unique ways to cover these issues, but they also reaffirmed for me that what I do every day is important. I came away very inspired, and I tackled my short-term project determined to make a difference. I received monetary and research support for seven weeks as I uncovered the challenges for child interpreters in immigrant families. I had applied for the fellowship with this idea after seeing children as young as seven do everything from translate bills to interpret doctor's instructions for their non-English-speaking parents. I wanted to find out how children cope with that kind of pressure and how parents reconcile the change in their families' dynamics.The result? You can read
one of my related articles here.

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