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Whenever people ask what I write about, I laugh because the only answer I can offer is, "What don't I write about!"

I am most passionate about kids' health and welfare, and specialize in feature stories about education and family issues. But I'm blessed with a permanent identity crisis because I also write articles about the silver-hair set – and everyone in between. From demystifying investing for women older than 45 to profiling a jet-setting celebrity jewelry designer to reviewing the nightlife in a nearby town, I'm always broadening my repertoire.

My articles have been published for more than 15 years. I spent several years writing features at the Boston Herald. I conceived, reported, and wrote articles for the newspaper's weekly teen page, and edited and mentored young writers. I also wrote general lifestyle features targeted at all ages, including pieces on dating, religion, travel, education, and pop culture trends.

I moved to South Florida to pursue a freelance career and am now writing features and essays for print and online publications, including Salon, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, The Palm Beach Post, The Miami Herald, Palm Beach Illustrated, and South Florida Parenting. I also excel at proofreading and editing articles and books.

Although I devote most of my time to researching and writing articles, I also enjoy cooking, dancing, making jewelry, gardening, and traveling.

Thanks for reading!
Cara Nissman