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Welcome to my world on the Web!

I'm a quick-change artist all wrapped up in the written word.

I've confronted teenagers about the allure of binge drinking. I've also offered a tongue-in-cheek report on a cut-throat bridal sale at dawn. I've interviewed grieving parents about surviving the sudden loss of a child. And I've reviewed everything from exotic spa treatments to parenting books.

I swiftly switch from serious reports to fun features, having
written for Salon, Bankrate.com, Seventeen, and the Boston Herald. I am
also an accomplished editor. I have the versatility, enthusiasm, speed, persistence, and accuracy to tackle any project that comes my way.

On this site, you can learn even more about me. Check out my résumé and clips. I look forward to working with you soon!

Featured article:
"The Rainmaker: Manny Gaunaurd"
The Miami Herald's Indulge magazine